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FieldTripZoom Zone

    1. What is the difference between FieldTripZoom Zone and FieldTripZoom Class?

      FieldTripZoom Zone is a live streaming service where the program is broadcasted over the internet and viewed on laptops or mobile devices. Streaming means that the event uses one-way video whereby teachers and students can watch the program, but the content provider cannot see the teachers and students. The number of classrooms attending could be in the 100’s or even more than a thousand. The program is however very interactive as the students can ask questions to the host with text chat or polling.

      FieldTripZoom Class is a videoconferencing service. Video is two-way and generally is a program for a single classroom. Some content is offered to two or three classrooms at a time.

    2. What is the difference between a FieldTripZoom Zone calendar of events and a FieldTripZoom catalog of programs?

      The FieldTripZoom Zone calendar of events are not for purchase individually. You buy a license at the district, school, teacher or homeschool level that allows you to register and attend as many events are you like on the date they are broadcasted. The FieldTripZoom Class catalog allows you discover and book individual programs that are priced on a per program basis. The price of each program is set by the content provider and listed with the program description in the catalog.

    3. Can I ask questions while attending a FieldTripZoom Zone event?

      Yes. The interface that is used to watch the event also includes a question and answer tab where you can input questions. In some case the provider will launch polling question where students answer in real time.

    4. How do I attend a FieldTripZoom Zone event?

      First, you need to reserve a spot at the event. This is done by reviewing the various curriculum themes and then the individual programs offered around each theme. Click on ‘Book’ and you will then be registered for the event and receive an email with the link to the program. The link can easily be added to your gmail calendar. You can also always log into the observance calendar and click ‘Attend’.

      To book a FieldTripZoom Zone event you need to have an account. You can purchase a license if you are a teacher or homeschooler. Otherwise, to book an event your district or school must have signed up for a school or district account.

    5. Is there anyway I can test connect with my device right now?

      Click on the link below to download the software, connect to our test room where you can test your screen and speakers, you wont use the microphone or a camera.   Click here to make a test connection!.

    6. How do I sign-up for a FieldTripZoom Zone account as a school district administrator

      We highly recommend that school districts sign-up for a district level account. District accounts are significantly less expensive than individual teacher accounts. We recommend that district personnel interested in district accounts contact us so we can provide your school district wide access to the events. We can quickly walk you through pricing as well as help you with teacher on-boarding.

    7. How do I sign-up for a FieldTripZoom Zone account as a school

      For private, charter, magnet, parochial or special education schools, we have flat rate pricing that covers all your teachers/classrooms. We recommend you contact us so we can set up your school. We can also assist you with on-board best practices. Individual schools within a public school district can also sign-up for a school account. 

    8. How do I purchase FieldTripZoom Zone for just my class?

      You can register for an individual teacher account on our site and then when you try to ‘Book’ an event you can purchase a license and pay by credit card or PayPal™. This will give you access to every event in the calendar that you choose to attend. You can also contact us by phone or email. We are happy to speak with anybody interested in creating a Zone account.

    9. How do I sign-up for my homeschool child or as a homeschool family?

      You can register for a homeschool account on our site and pay by credit card or PayPal™. This will give you access to every event in the calendar that you choose to attend. You can also contact us by phone or email. We are happy to speak with anybody interested in an account. Homeschool accounts are available for a single child or for a family that has multiple homeschooled children. The price and sign-up process is the same.

    10. How do I know that an event is appropriate for my class?

      We consult with all our content providers on the grade appropriateness of their content. All our content providers are experienced educators and have experience with targeted content to grade levels.  It is up to each teacher to decide which events they wish to book and all programs have a recommended grade level range.

    11. What do I do if an event is offered but my class will not be studying that topic until later in the school year, or I have already covered the topic covered in the event?

      This issue can be resolved in a few ways. First, you can call us and we can see if the content provider would be willing to do a one-on-one version of the event for your classroom. You would then need to pay the provider separately for the event. Second, you can look through the FieldTripZoom Class catalog to see if there is a one-on-one program offered in the catalog. And finally, you can watch the program as a recording.

    12. Can I attend an event without paying for the entire calendar of events?

      The calendar is not sold on an individual event by event basis at this time. We have, however, priced the entire catalog in a way that we hope that event by event pricing is unnecessary because the catalog will prove cost-effective even with minimal event attendance.

    13. How do I attend an event?

      There are two ways to attend an event. You can click on the link from the confirmation email we send you after book the event. You can also login in to the site, find the event in the calendar and click on ‘Attend’. As with any online event, the video and audio experience will be based in part by the speed of your Internet access.

    14. Can I sign-up for FieldTripZoom Zone but not for any other services?

      Yes, FieldTripZoom Zone is a stand-alone service.

    15. I am still confused, what should I do?

      Give us a call or send us an email. Behind every district, school, teacher and homeschool parent are students that we want to provide access to our FieldTripZoom Zone events. We are so proud to have assembled such a talented group of organizations and educators that we want to make sure every student has access. And they want a great audience.

FieldTripZoom Class

    1. How do I sign-up for a FieldTripZoom Class

      If you are interested in FieldTripZoom Class programs for your district or school, we recommend you contact us. We can speak with you or your team about budgeting, technology, on-boarding and best practices. If you are a teacher or homeschooler, you are certainly free to register for an account and book a program or multiple programs.

    2. If FieldTripZoom Class is based on videoconferencing, what are the technology requirements on my end?

      Our videoconferences are best accessed through a PC, MAC or tablet device that is connected to an LCD screen, overhead projector or Smart Board. You will also need some type of camera, which can be a built-in or connected through a USB port, and a microphone and speakers. Typically, your computing device or your USB camera will have integrated microphones and speakers. Audio peripheral devices, such as those provided by ClearOne or Jabra can assist with audio quality, particularly in classroom environments. FieldTripZoom provides the videoconferencing interface so you don’t need to have anything else other than a small software download which we provide. If you have any restrictions on your ability to add software to your device, you may have to contact your IT support group to make arrangements for this download.

    3. Can I book a program on short notice?

      The first step is to always look at the schedule of availability. Keep in mind that most providers look to have programs booked at least 2-3 weeks ahead of time.

    4. I can’t find a program on the topic I want to cover in my classroom, what are my options

      Please let us know. This is the best way for us to add content to the catalog. In the meantime, we are happy to make some calls to see if we can find something that works for you.

    5. How do I search for, schedule and order programs?

      Simply sign up for an account and you can access our catalog of program and providers. You can also reserve a program and then attend the program by clicking on the ‘Attend’ button.  We will contact you and make all the arrangements and help you make a test call from your classroom.

    6. How much notice do I have to provide to schedule a program?

      Generally 2-3 weeks notice is best. However, you can always request for sooner but you may not get the date and time and have to consider other options. 

    7. Do I have to install anything on my device?

      FieldTripZoom does require a small software download. So if you have any restrictions adding a software application to your device you may have to contact your IT support group to make arrangements for this.

    8. How do FieldTripZoom Class accounts work?

      Anybody is free to schedule a FieldTripZoom class program. You will just need to register for an account and select ‘Register’ and you then can select your form of payment. You do not have to pay for the program until it has been completed and we will send you and invoice. If your school or district has notified you that they have a FieldTripZoom Class district or school level account, you will be able to order a program without worrying about your form of payment. That has been set up at the district or school level and you will have been given specific instructions by your district or school. !

    9. Is there anyway I can test connect with my device right now?

      Click on the link below to download the software, connect to our test room where you can test your microphone and speakers Click here to make a test connection!.

For Content Providers

    1. Can we use our existing video conferencing equipment?

      If you are currently using H323 video conferencing equipment, FieldTripZoom works with all standards-based video codecs. Many of our content provider customers are doing programs every day using their existing room-based systems.

    2. What equipment do I need to get started?

      This depends on the kind of audio visual program you would like to offer. It can be as simple as a laptop with web camera and headset to as complex as a mini television studio with green screen technology. However, we can provide you with a detailed list of the equipment you will need depending on your goals for the program.

    3. Does FieldTripZoom help us market our programs?

      Yes, FieldTripZoom will actively be signing up teachers and other customers who are interested in attending one of your programs virtually. We hope to become your biggest sales channel for new bookings!

    4. How do we list our programs online through FieldTripZoom?

      We are currently building our online self-service portal. In the future, you will be able to manage the complete process of listing, scheduling and conducting your programs. However, for now, you can provide us your programs or we can retrieve them from your website and add them to our catalog.  We will do all the work to add your programs to our catalog.

    5. What are the costs?

      There is a completely free option or an annual subscription fee option.  Both options list your program in our directory but the subscription option provides you with a cloud-based video conferencing application you can use outside of bookings we deliver.  For both plans there is also a small transaction fee per booking the we deliver. Check out the Program Provider web page for the details.

    6. We are new to distance learning can you help me develop my program?

      We can provide you with ideas about how to optimize your content for live, interactive learning and provide you with examples of what kind of content is best presented in FieldTripZoom sessions.

Keep Up With Future Changes

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