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FieldTripZoom’s mission is simple: we facilitate unique live and interactive educational experiences between educational content providers and K-12 educators, students and homeschoolers.

Content Community

We define educational content providers loosely. Museums, zoos, aquariums, science centers, authors and art, music and historical organizations represent the foundation of our content community. However, we see educational content pretty much everywhere we look and are excited to call a number universities, corporations and hospitals our content partners. Whatever the type of organization, the common thread is always a passionate, subject matter expert and a well prepared program delivered live to your classroom.

Virtual Field Trips

Field trips are a time-honored tradition in many schools and among the homeschool community. With the advent of the Internet, the phrase “virtual field trip” was borne. We are not one to create unnecessary confusion: we even included the term field trip in our name. However, it is important for educators to know that our programs and events are not virtual tours but purpose-built programs designed for specific grade levels and curriculum. The phrase you can’t judge a book by its cover, defines our content partners too. For instance, you will find math programs delivered by a Longwood Gardens and the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Supplemental Curriculum

Our desired role in education is to increase your access to unique and valuable, supplemental curriculum. We are not out to change the way you teach, but supplement what you are already teaching.

Live Connections

We define connections to mean live video, either through live streaming or videoconferencing. While some of our programs are offered in a recorded format, the fact is that most school networks are modernized to support live video and if it can be live, why settle for something less. So at FieldTripZoom, everything starts out as live. However, accessing live video services needs to be easy. Innovation has to be adoptable. If it is not, then it is not really innovative is it?

Modern Educational Initiatives

Our content community has unique program and events designed to support many of today’s most important educational missions:
• Experiential learning
• Project-based learning
• Blended learning
• Global Education
• Multi-sensory learning
• Connected classrooms
• The Four C’s: critical thinking, communications, collaboration, creativity

Our Platform

We have always believed that given the opportunity, educational content providers and classrooms want to interact. Unfortunately, their are many barriers to effectuating that interaction. Whether it be physical location, time, money or just the overall organizational steps involved, what we call “hassles,” prove too formidable and interaction ends being infrequent or does not happen at all. The FieldTripZoom platform and the services we offer are designed to remove or minimize these barriers, enable community engagement and unlock a vast pool of subject matter expertise waiting to be invited to the world’s classrooms.

Supplemental curriculum, adoptable innovation, the world in every classroom, live and interactive. These are the words that you’ll find us talking about and describe the mindset we bring to everything we do at FieldTripZoom.

Keep Up With Future Changes

Our program is always growing and evolving. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see regular program updates and additions, as well as company news.