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FieldTripZoom was established to foster increased, live interaction between our educational content partners, educators and students with the goal of making live video-based experiential learning a common, consistent part of your curriculum. Our content provider community is comprised of individuals and organizations that are fundamentally dedicated to education. Learning lies at the heart of their missions. The subject matter experts you will meet on our platform have an unmatched passion for their programs and events and are always presenting from unique settings and locations. Geographic diversity is another word that applies to all aspects of our educational community as it continues to grow week by week, month by month.

Everything we do revolves around facilitating these amazing experiences that can help inspire learning, provide a deeper understanding of the material and expand student interaction with experts from around the world. Blended, collaborative and experiential learning are becoming increasingly important components to student success. We can help you make it happen.

Our Services

Easy to use and access

Our content is available to educators through four offerings that represent a comprehensive approach to integrating live video content into your curriculum and professional development.

FieldTripZoom Zone

FieldTripZoom Zone offers educators an extensive calendar of live streaming, curriculum based events throughout the school year. The calendar, which is released at the start of the academic year, is organized around well-defined educational observances in order to facilitate inclusion into lesson plans. Observances cover science, technology, engineering and math, arts and humanities, STEAM, health and wellness, history, government, and literacy with a mix of holiday and international events.

Home School: We know home school families are amongst the biggest supporters of museums and other educational content providers. FieldTripZoom Zone is the perfect fit for homeschool families that want to extend their access to live educational events. You family season pass to FieldTripZoom Zone can be purchased directly from our site. Read More

FieldTripZoom Zone – What it is all about:

FieldTripZoom Class

FieldTripZoom Class offers educators live and interactive, curriculum based educational programs on a one-on-one basis. Programs are offered through a FieldTripZoom Class catalog, with over 550 programs from which to choose. Programs generally run 40 to 50 minutes and content is segmented and searchable by topic. Read More

FieldTripZoom Workshops

FieldTripZoom Workshops combines ease of use, cost and logistics with our collection of premium content providers to create a virtual professional development catalog. Attending a FTZ Workshop is a great way to customize your professional development requirement. Read More

FieldTripZoom Collaboration Rooms

Are you interested in virtually collaborating with other classrooms or organizations not listed in our catalog? You can do that with a Collaboration Room. Read More

Rayna Freedman

Field Trip Zoom provides amazing learning opportunities for students that gives them global access right in their own classroom! My students were enriched, inspired, and excited about learning. The program was easy to use, allowing me to break down the barriers of the classroom walls. The STEM activities in our visit with the International Spy Museum deepened students’ knowledge and thinking. Many cannot wait to learn more!

Rayna L. Freedman
Jordan/Jackson Elementary School

My students talked about this experience for the next couple weeks! They loved the hands-on exploration as well as the enthusiasm from the presenter. Everyone was engaged in the experience and eager to share ideas and thoughts. Students that don’t normally participate were excited to be a part of this.

Mandy LaBarre
Traverse City Eastern Elementary School

Our program from the Virginia Historical Society about colonial America was AMAZING!!! My students and all the teachers that came in to check it out were so impressed. FieldTripZoom made it really easy for me to find the program and connect without any specialized equipment. I would highly recommend this program to any teacher that is working on early American colonies.

Ann Gregory
Newmark K-8 School

Since our partnership with FieldTripZoom, we have been able to bring hands-on science activities to a whole new customer base. The ease-of-use and excellent support that FieldTripZoom provides, allows us to confidently market our programs to everyone regardless of what type of equipment they have available to them.

Corrina Strecker
Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

FieldTripZoom provides a high-quality, cost-effective solution to deliver live, educational content to students and teachers anywhere. The cloud-based virtual room allows us to take our programming to any school or library with a computer and Internet connection—no special equipment needed!

Patty Petrey Dees
The Distance Learning Team Center for Puppetry Arts

FieldTripZoom makes it possible to find and connect our programming with so many more participants by ensuring that they are able to use whatever technology is available to them. The simple, streamlined process means that we can spend our time delivering great programs while FieldTripZoom takes care of the rest! We look forward to connecting with students all over the country.

Emily Wartman
Great Lakes Aquarium

FieldTripZoom is always good about responding to our requests promptly. It’s obvious that they care about delivering a quality product, which in turn allows us to deliver a superior experience to the schools and students. FieldTripZoom is the most reliable and effective product for the best price.

Bruce Markusen
National Baseball Hall of Fame

How it Works

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