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Connect your students with the world

Museums, zoos and historical sites are ready to visit your classroom in a live and interactive way.

FieldTripZoom provides you with an online service that allows you to search, order, schedule and connect to hundreds of live interactive programs. These programs provide your students with unique learning experiences that align with your courses and drive home the in-class materials.

Museums, zoos and historical sites are some of the best sources of educational content specific to the curriculum. Whether it’s history, the arts, anthropology or other subject matter areas, these institutions can bring a new level of understanding to the material.

Additionally, the integrated software-based video conferencing allows you to easily connect to the programs directly from your classroom. If you’re ready to bring the world to your classroom, don’t delay and take a virtual field trip today .

Easy to use

Sign up and log in to search the catalog, test your device and schedule a program.

When you log into our online portal you will get access to hundreds of unique educational programs. Nearly all of the programs are mapped to a local or national educational standards. These programs are professionally produced and delivered by trained educators that specialize in their particular content. But most importantly, you do not need any type of special equipment in your classroom to access these programs.

All museums, zoos and historical sites have a primary mission to deliver educational content in some way. Our family of content providers can bring that content to you in a live and interactive way with video conferencing technology. FieldTripZoom makes that part really easy. Also, the programs are fun and entertaining, but they are developed with sound educational principles and delivered to your students with a standards based framework. The primary goal for any program is educating students.

All of the providers charge a small fee if you order and attend the program.  However, we also have scholarships available to secure funding for the programs.  Sign up now and activate your account today for free to access the great content we have to offer and to see if you may qualify for a funding.

Rayna Freedman

Field Trip Zoom provides amazing learning opportunities for students that gives them global access right in their own classroom! My students were enriched, inspired, and excited about learning. The program was easy to use, allowing me to break down the barriers of the classroom walls. The STEM activities in our visit with the International Spy Museum deepened students’ knowledge and thinking. Many cannot wait to learn more!

Rayna L. Freedman
Jordan/Jackson Elementary School

My students talked about this experience for the next couple weeks! They loved the hands-on exploration as well as the enthusiasm from the presenter. Everyone was engaged in the experience and eager to share ideas and thoughts. Students that don’t normally participate were excited to be a part of this.

Mandy LaBarre
Traverse City Eastern Elementary School

Our program from the Virginia Historical Society about colonial America was AMAZING!!! My students and all the teachers that came in to check it out were so impressed. FieldTripZoom made it really easy for me to find the program and connect without any specialized equipment. I would highly recommend this program to any teacher that is working on early American colonies.

Ann Gregory
Newmark K-8 School

Since our partnership with FieldTripZoom, we have been able to bring hands-on science activities to a whole new customer base. The ease-of-use and excellent support that FieldTripZoom provides, allows us to confidently market our programs to everyone regardless of what type of equipment they have available to them.

Corrina Strecker
Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

FieldTripZoom provides a high-quality, cost-effective solution to deliver live, educational content to students and teachers anywhere. The cloud-based virtual room allows us to take our programming to any school or library with a computer and Internet connection—no special equipment needed!

Patty Petrey Dees
The Distance Learning Team Center for Puppetry Arts

FieldTripZoom makes it possible to find and connect our programming with so many more participants by ensuring that they are able to use whatever technology is available to them. The simple, streamlined process means that we can spend our time delivering great programs while FieldTripZoom takes care of the rest! We look forward to connecting with students all over the country.

Emily Wartman
Great Lakes Aquarium

FieldTripZoom is always good about responding to our requests promptly. It’s obvious that they care about delivering a quality product, which in turn allows us to deliver a superior experience to the schools and students. FieldTripZoom is the most reliable and effective product for the best price.

Bruce Markusen
National Baseball Hall of Fame

See the impact of live interactive educational programs

Click on the video below to learn more.

Program Providers

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