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FieldTripZoom Zone

Live Streaming Calendar

A first-of-its-kind live streaming calendar with hundreds of live streaming events organized around the academic subject areas. Our lineup of content partners is an amazing, diverse group of organizations. The program calendar is designed to offer an easy way to find interesting educational content and view the live programs right in the classroom.

The FieldTripZoom Zone calendar is a collection of prescheduled live streaming events that will help you motivate and inspire your students throughout the academic year.  Simply sign up and register for the event and stream them right in the classroom. Our content partners have designed programs specifically to accommodate the FieldTripZoom Zone live streaming format. While presentation formats will vary, each event runs 30 to 45 minutes and includes question and answer time.  It’s all live and interactive!

You can purchase a classroom license below with a credit card and start booking programs today!


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Free Trial Offer

We are offering all new Schools or School Districts a free trial through December 2017.   Simply email us at Free Trial Request or and ask for the free trial and we will set you up.


For more information visit our Zone Calendar to see the live event schedule or contact us at to request more information.  Click here for pricing details: Zone Pricing 

FieldTripZoom Class

Single Classroom – Live and Interactive Virtual Field Trips 

FieldTripZoom Class provides you with an online catalog that allows you to search, order, schedule and connect to hundreds of live and interactive programs from around the world. These STEAM focused programs provide your students with unique and engaging learning experiences that can be customized to supplement your in-class curriculum.

Museums, zoos, authors and historical sites are some of the best sources of educational content specific to the curriculum. Whether it is history, the arts, mathematics or other subject matter areas, the educational mission of our content partners is to promote good learning experiences.

The integrated software-based video conferencing allows you to easily connect to programs directly from your classroom with a computer connected to the internet. At an average price of $200, programs can be purchased individually after registering, however districts and schools can also pre-purchase a package of programs for the school year.

Contact Us for more information.  We can also help you with setting up a district wide licensing plan,  program selection and technology best practices.

To see available programs, visit our Class Catalog

FieldTripZoom Collaboration

Software Based Video Conferencing

Our collaboration rooms are available to be purchased as virtual classrooms that provide you with our cloud-based video conferencing services. The collaboration room allows you to use the service for all your distance learning needs. You don’t need expensive equipment with a FieldTripZoom collaboration room. All it takes is a computer connected to the internet and a webcam to start collaborating.

Contact Us to receive more information on collaboration rooms.

How It All Works

Setup is as simple as 1, 2, 3!


Keep Up With Future Changes

Our program is always growing and evolving. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see regular program updates and additions, as well as company news.