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FieldTripZoom Zone

Live Streaming Calendar

A first-of-its-kind live streaming calendar with 100’s of live streaming events organized around the annual academic observance calendar. Our lineup of content partners is an amazing, diverse group of organizations and the calendar is designed to create an easy way to access live streaming education programs.

Our content partners have designed programs specifically to accommodate the FieldTripZoom Zone live streaming format. While presentation formats will vary, each events run 30 to 45 minutes and include question and answer time. The live streams can be easily assessed directly from your home via the FieldTripZoom platform.

FieldTripZoom Zone is priced at $49.95 per household as an “all inclusive” annual subscription to our calendar of live streaming events that will help you learn and celebrate throughout the academic year. Purchase a single annual classroom subscription now.

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For more information visit our Zone Calendar to see the live event schedule or contact us at to request more information.


Free Trial Offer

Give FieldTripZoom Zone a try and experience what everyone is talking about. It’s easy! Simply email us at Free Trial Request or and ask for the promo code for a two week free trial.

Keep Up With Future Changes

Our program is always growing and evolving. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see regular program updates and additions, as well as company news.